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Plans for nursing home in Littleborough

Reporter: Louis Brierley
Date online: 15 September 2011

Plans for a 50 bed nursing home in Littleborough will go before Councillors for approval next week.

The application for a four-storey building on Barke Street, close to Smithybridge Railway Station, is likely to get the thumbs up from councillors despite objections from residents that the building will be an eyesore.

In order to build the care home, numbers 2 and 4 Barke Street will be demolished.

The accommodation would be set over 4 floors: on the bottom, there would be 21 residential rooms, 19 on the first floor and 10 on the second. A kitchen, lounge and dining area would be present on each floor. There would also be 12 parking spaces.

The council has received five objection letters relating to the sight of the building, traffic and over development.

A report due to be presented to Councillors of the Pennines Township Planning Sub Committee, reads: “The Planning Officer is satisfied that by reason of its design and appearance the building is satisfactory and it would have a positive relationship with the surrounding area.”


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