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Councillor slams Hollingworth BSF as a “disgrace”

Reporter: Laura Wild
Date online: 20 October 2011

A Milnrow Councillor has described the Building Schools for the Future Programme at Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College as a “disgrace.”

Councillor Irene Davidson slammed a lack of information and communication from the scheme.

The concerns were raised during a presentation about the all BSF projects in the borough. When it came to questions, Councillor Irene Davidson said: “I am ashamed I had anything to do with the decision to have the school redesigned.”

The school redesign began last year and opened to students in September.

Councillor Davidson continued: “There is a lack of information from BSF. On this school there is no information, just information that is leaking.

“The education is fantastic but BSF need to investigate the persons building the school.”

Councillor Davidson said there used to be newsletters and updates but the information and communication “suddenly stopped.”

Councillor Davidson reiterated that her concerns were not related to teaching or pupils but to do with “what is going on on the site.”

After the meeting Councillor Davidson told Rochdale Online that when she saw a photo of the College in the presentation she was “so annoyed” because “it looks nothing like that.”

Rochdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families, Councillor Donna Martin, said: “We will investigate and there will be a report.”

She added that it was a “good job” that the issue had been raised. 

Inspired Spaces general manager Claire Butler, said: “I hadn’t been aware of the issue before the Councillor raised it but now it has been raised I will look into it.”

Referring to the photograph in the presentation, which was an artist’s impression, Ms Butler said: “To my mind it doesn’t look that different.”

Ms Butler said other positive responses had been received regarding the site and that a report will be carried out following Councillor Davidson’s concerns.


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